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Know the Easy Process of CenturyLink eMail Settings

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CenturyLink email has marked its place at the top in the market and is highly in demand for its user-friendly features and functions. Few interesting features include networking, security solutions, and cloud service. Along with this, the company has created easy CenturyLink email setup process . There are different email server settings depending on the device or clients. Walkthrough this article to know the process.

CenturyLink email setup

Note: While creating an email account, you need to mention the accurate information as mentioned.

CenturyLink Email POP3 Settings :

Here are the simple steps of email POP3 settings you need to apply to your account:

  1. It must show
  2. The port value should be 995
  3. Security Type should be SSL

CenturyLink Email SMTP Settings :

These are the steps for outgoing mail server (SMTP)

  1. It must show
  2. Port value to be mentioned is 587
  3. Select TLS (if available)
  4. In username enter your full email address
  5. Verify server limit. It should be 20mb
  6. Sending limitation is 100 contacts
  7. For webmail, the limit is 100 per hour
  8. SMTP sending limitation is 500 per hour
  9. Via IP the limitation is 50 per 5 minutes(default)

CenturyLink Email IMAP Settings :

  1. The IMAP should flash
  2. Port value includes 993
  3. Choose SSL as security type
  4. Here are some important key points to be kept in mind:
  5. Ensure you type full CenturyLink email address in the username column
  6. The server limit is same as POP i.e. 20mb
  7. The sending limitation is set to 100 contacts. User can purchase additional limit

Necessities for Century Email setup :

Below are a few requirements that you must excel for Century Email Setup:

  • High-speed internet connection
  • A good space Hard Disk
  • Virus-free web browser

How to set up a CenturyLink email account?

There are two ways for CenturyLink email setup:

Preference 1: During the time of service Installation

After you finish the downloading and installation of the new CenturyLink, you will get a prompt asking you to log in for your CenturyLink home page. When you get this notification, then below are the steps you need to apply:

  • Select ‘I want to create a new account to my CenturyLink’
  • Then, click ‘Next
  • Thereafter, Fill the details of login i.e. create username and password
  • Now, answer the secret questions flashed
  • Hit ‘Next’
  • Congratulations! You’ve setup CenturyLink Email address successfully

Preference 2: Create your account in a flexible schedule

It’s not necessary to create your account just after the installation process. You just have to mention the correct account information. Here is the process you need to apply:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Email button situated at the top right corner
  3. Next, tap on the ‘Create Account’ option
  4. Then, go through the on-screen instructions correctly.
  5. Once you successfully setup CenturyLink email, you can check your emails anytime
  6. Move the cursor to home page
  7. Click the ‘Email’ button on the right side of the page
  8. Then, enter username and password
  9. Lastly, click on the ‘login’ button and check your emails

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