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Simple Methods to set up Centurylink email On an Android Device

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CenturyLink is one of the most powerful communication providers, which is offering emailing services, high-speed Internet, and VoIP facilities to the business users. When you sign up your company for enjoying the services, one or more accounts can be created easily and automatically. There is no necessity of any extra procedure to set up CenturyLink Email. If any user is trying to access their email using the webmail interface, but if you want to use a desktop email program like windows mail, MS outlook, or Thunderbird, you are needed to configure centuryemail account with suitable account century link email settings. So here you can learn easy steps to set up century link email in the proper ways.

Effective Methods to set up CenturyLink Email

For centurylink email setup process, you must follow the easy steps explained below to set up century link email in the proper ways. After completing the setup procedure, you can use the services of sending and receiving emails. Here, we are going to share the effective methods to set up century link email in the proper ways.

setup CenturyLink Email

Method1- Create Your Century Link Email Account

Fundamentally, there are two methods through which you can make your century link email account. You can either make your email account when you attempt to install your service, or if it is not right option, you can create the account, when your server works fine. We are going to share full technical steps for both options. You must follow below instructions-

Step1- When you try to install your service

Once you attempt to install your fresh centrylink high speed internet service, you will be able to create an email address account for your centurylink. You must follow the below instructions-

  • First of all, you should login to the home page of century link and after that, you need to choose, “I want to create a new account” button
  • Next, you can hit on “Next” button
  • You can enter the name that you need to use for fresh email address or login process.  You should create a strong password so that nobody can attempt to hack your century link account
  • Then, you can select a secret question and give its appropriate reply accordingly
  • And after that, you have to click on “Next” button

Thus now, you can set up century link email account successfully. Still, if you have any issues related to Centurylink email settings, you can take online help from trained experts.

Step2- Time, when the Service is Appropriate

If you are failing to set up your email account after the installation of century link email account, you don’t take tension and you can create the email address with the help of this step properly.

  • First of all, you can visit the, website
  • Secondly, you can click on “green” option and naming “Email” button on the upper right corner of the page
  • Thirdly, you can click on “green” option
  • Then, you can follow the prompts suitably to select the login details such as email address and password
  • After that, you can select the secret question and answer
  • Finally, you have completed centurylink email setup procedure. With the help of the account, you can send or receive emails successfully.

Method 2- Check Carefully your eMail Account using Webmail

Now, your email account has set up successfully. In addition, you can check your email carefully with the proper check up. By following the below instructions, you can check carefully your email:

  • First of all, you can visit your Home page
  • Secondly, you can click on “Green” option from the upper-right of the page in the proper ways
  • You can enter your username and password rightly
  • Finally, you can hit on “Log in” option to check your email account, while it is working correctly or not.

With the help of all these instructions, you can set up century link email account successfully. You can complete centurylink email setup procedure successfully. Still, if you have any types of issues, you can call our trained technical experts to get full guidance to complete the set up procedure in the simple ways.

Another process of centurylink email setup simply

Your email account is working properly after completing CenturyLink Email Setup process. All these steps are very helpful to set up the century link email account in the proper ways. On other hand, online technical experts can assist, if you’re facing some issues, when sending or receiving emails, opening the attachments, or if you are receiving any errors. So, you don’t worry more, when you’re facing technical problems, while using century link email account. So now, you are ready to use your account to send or receive emails simply.-

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