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Yahoo Mail Login: How to sign-in and Create email Account

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Yahoo email service is famous across the globe for its fast services and amazing features. Communication has become fast and simple with this wonderful email services. Also, it is widely cherished among the users for its customer support available 24 hours. If users face any yahoo mail problems, then they can contact the technical expect of Yahoo to ask assistance to fix the issues.

Yahoo Mail Login

If you are also thinking to create Yahoo email account to enjoy its fastest services and don’t know how to sign in and create Yahoo email account, then here step-wise guide is mentioned for you. Let’s follow it and create the account within a very short time and enjoy the outstanding email services of Yahoo for your personal as well as professional work.

How to create a Yahoo Account?

1. First of all, after opening your internet browser, type Now click on the top left corner on the 'mail'

2. You would be landed on the 'Sign in' section and there you would also get another option i.e. 'Create Account'

3. For setting up your new Yahoo email account, Yahoo will ask for some personal information such as-

  • First and Last name
  • The username-Unique email address of your choice
  • Other information

1. If the email address that you requested is not available, then you would get a message from the Yahoo team and go for further processing, otherwise, you have to choose another unique email address.

2. Once you have created the Yahoo email account successfully, then you would get the congratulation message from the Yahoo team.

Process of Sign in to Yahoo Email -

Sign in Yahoo email is a not difficult task. It is a simple process for which you have to complete certain steps. Let's have look at the steps to sign in to Yahoo email-

Step 1: First of all, visit the official website of Yahoo

Step 2: Now, click on the sign-in option and enter your email address along with the correct password details

Step3: Click on the sign-in

Now the process is ended and you will be able to access the inbox and all the features of email.

Note: Sign in to your Yahoo account is possible through the mobile, laptop, desktop, and other devices. Also, the Yahoo app is available; you can download the app also.

Protect your Yahoo Email Account from Hackers:

Your Yahoo email account has your personal and professional information. It is essential to protect it from hackers. Let's have the look at the guidelines for the protection of your yahoo account. There are several ways by which you can protect your Yahoo email account.

Method 1: Set a Strong Password

One of the basic ways a hacker heck your website is to guess your password and enter into your email account. So, make sure that your email password can't be guessed by anyone. It should be created with a combination of special characters, numbers, and letters.

Apart from this, it should be long enough. This is one of the best ways to protect your email account from hackers. Set a strong password and be on the safe side.

Method 2: Set-up Two-Step Authentication Protection

The next thing to protect your account from hackers is to set the two-step authentication protection. You can set up this kind of protection to your email account either by a mobile app or by the text verification process.

By setting this kind of verification, your account will be accessible by a special code. This means you would have double protection.

Method 3: Be Careful from Phishing Emails

These kinds of attacks are done with the intension of stealing user's data like login credentials, credit card numbers, etc. These emails may look like regular emails from service providers, banks, and other similar organizations. Be very cautious while opening and responding to these kinds of emails.

These are a few important tips that will help you to protect your account from hackers or external people.

Hope you have understood all the steps and guide well and will be able now to create your own Yahoo email account. If in case, after creating a Yahoo email account, you face Yahoo login issues or any other kind of problem, then you can contact us. We are one of the trusted companies that offer incredible customer support to the users of Yahoo email. So, contact us without any hesitation and we are available round to clock to help you and fix the issues as soon as possible.

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